What is Eliminator and How Does It Work?

A FIFRA 25(b) solution that kills bed-bugs and other similar insects (such as cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, silverfish, fleas, ticks) on contact, and leaves a residual on fabrics and fibers that will continue killing for up to one full year.

Features and Benefits

  • When applied directly to the pest, adults and nymphs are killed in just a few minutes.
  • 12-Month Residual – When applied to fabrics (including bedding, carpets, furniture, drapes) and cracks and crevices, Eliminator’s residual will kill bed bugs for up to a full year if undisturbed.
  • Eliminator is FIFRA 25(b), GRAS (generally regarded as safe).
  • No odor, staining properties are the same as water.
  • UV tracer makes it easy to determine where it’s been applied (yields a sparkle under a black light).
  • Eliminator kills mechanically. The waxy outer layer of the bed bug is actually removed. Other techniques generally interfere with metabolic body functions.
  • Evolutionary resistance has made some bugs immune to chemical, non-mechanical killers. There is no known resistance to Eliminator.
  • Other treatments may not kill all of the adults, nymphs and eggs, and don’t leave a residual. Green Science Eliminator keeps working well after the application has been made, greatly reducing call-backs. Note: It is only effective long-term on fabrics and fibers, and in cracks and crevices, not hard flat surfaces like tile.


  • Green Guardian Eliminator is ideal for active infestations (12 month residual)
  • Green Guardian Safeguard will prevent future infestations for 12 months
  • Eliminator is delivered as 6 ounces of liquid that mixes with distilled water to make a full gallon.
  • One gallon protects 1,200 square feet of fabric or carpet.
  • Eliminators active ingredient is Residulen, derived from soybean oil.
  • Must be used in a new, clean sprayer without a filter. Soap & other pesticide residue will damage the product.
  • The product has a two-year shelf life (shake vigorously before use).
  • Do not freeze or exceed 140 degrees F.
  • Do not tank mix with other products