Two Versions of Green Guardian Eliminator

  • Eliminator is to be used for active infestations
  • Safeguard is to be used to prevent future infestations
  • Both products contain the same twelve-month residual

Where to Use Eliminator

Current infestations demand an aggressive approach:

  • Bugs need to be killed on contact
  • A large number of eggs may hatch in the weeks after a treatment, and Green Guardian will be tested by hundreds, maybe thousands of nymphs

Where to Use Eliminator

Future problems will not start as an infestation, but as one or two bed bugs introduced to a specific location:

  • The product will not be expected to kill hundreds of bugs on contact
  • The residual in cracks and crevices, and fabrics, will kill any bed bugs that are introduced once they come in contact with the particles.
  • Add a residual “top dressing” to heat or cold treatments

A Blended Approach

In a hotel, or apartment building, the units currently impacted, and the ones in a “star” pattern, should be treated with Eliminator. Clean units away from the infestation should be treated with SafeGuard.

What’s the Difference between the two?

Eliminator is over saturated with the active ingredient for a quick knock elimination.
SafeGuard contains the right amount of active to fill the porous carriers for long term protection. It features less of the active ingredient, and therefore provides a cost savings.

Green Guardian is non-toxic to all humans and their mammal pets. In rare instances, some people experience a mild drying of their skin when they come in contact with the product. For this reason, we recommend that when you are preparing the product, you follow the safety instructions, wear gloves and avoid direct contact.