Bed Bugs can be a huge problems for any home or business owner. These tiny monsters can be a major problem if they get out of control. It is important to be able to identify that you have bed bugs so that you can take the proper actions to get rid of them.
Bed bugs are small, shelled bugs that are roughly the size of an apple seed. They are a ruddy brown color, but will look reddish if they have recently fed. Bed bugs feed only on the blood of mammals. A bed bug will actually prefer the blood of humans over a dog or cat due to a carbon dioxide signature unique to our species. Under favorable conditions, a bed bug can survive over a year without feeding. Bites are often how bed bugs are often discovered, but confirmation from some of the other signs may be needed for proper identification of the problem. Bed bug bites can be seen as itchy red welts.
Like many hard shelled crawlers, bed bugs will molt shell casings. A common indicator of an infestation is finding bed bug shells. Excrement is another sign of a bed bug outbreak. It may be hard to see due to size, but bed bug feces can be a warning that you have a brood in your building. The fecal material of these bugs can be seen as small black or brown stains on porous surfaces, like mattresses and sheets; or as small brown chips on harder surfaces, like a floor.
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