Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need any special equipment?
A. We recommend a simple hand pump type sprayer (like a B&G) that has never been used and will be dedicated only to Green Guardian use. Contact with other chemicals or chemical residue will neutralize Green Guardian. To prep the sprayer, flush the tank and hose line with distilled water and remove all filters and screens. To clean up, flush with distilled water ONLY.

Green Guardian is temperature sensitive and needs to be stored in a controlled climate.

Q. Can I tank mix other products such as IGRs with Green Guardian?
A. No. Green Guardian will be neutralized by the other materials in the tank. Green Guardian is very sensitive to contact with other chemicals including soaps, surfactants, IGRs hard water deposits, etc. Mix only with distilled water. It is essential that surfaces to be treated are completely dry before application.

Q. Is Green Guardian safe for all surfaces?
A. Green Guardian is safe for all surfaces, but not all surfaces are appropriate for treatment. On hard, smooth surfaces, Green Guardian has a “tiling” ef