A vacation on a cruise ship is supposed to be an amazing experience. Whether travelling with family or friends, people pay good money to travel to faraway locations in a floating hotel. They want to make memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure that those memories don’t include a bed bug infestation.
Bed bugs are the bane of any cruise line or hotel. They can be the source of bad reviews and customer complaints. One customer comes on board with bed bugs, and soon the whole ship is covered with these pests; and you thought barnacles were your worst problem. Unlike a hotel, you can’t throw a tent over a cruise ship and fumigate it. Even if you could, why do it? The only thing worse for customers to see than beg bugs, are exterminators rolling up and gassing the place out. You need a discreet way to kill off bed bugs and prevent them from returning.
Your reputation can be ruined in an instant if you have bed bugs. Green Science Industry knows that it can be difficult to get rid of bed bugs discreetly. We have developed our Green Guardian products with that in mind. Take care of your infestation quickly and discreetly; without the harmful chemicals. Our formula is non-toxic to people and other mammals, but is bug-deadly. Our line of eco-friendly products can get rid of your pesky bed bug problem; and help prevent them from coming back.
Take care of your bed bugs with the Green Guardian Eliminator. Our product dissolves the hard outer shell of bed bugs and kills them fast. Spray on furniture and beddings without having to worry about toxic chemicals and the safety risks that come with them.
After you take care of a bed bug problem, protect the ship with the Green Guardian Safeguard. After initial treatment with the Eliminator, the Safeguard helps prevent further bed bug problems for up to 12 months.
Stop them before they settle in. Prevent infestations for up to 6 months with our Green Guardian 6. This odorless spray is meant to stave off bed bugs and keep them from becoming an issue.
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