Bed Bug Preparation Instructions

  • Place all clothing, linens, shoes, coats, pillows in seal-able plastic bags.
  • Remove all items from walls like clocks, pictures, paintings. etc.
  • Put all clothes and cloth items into a dryer of 30 minutes.  Set Dryer to Hot setting.
  • Keep cleaned items separated from items that are not cleaned, or have not been checked.
  • All personal items should remain in bags until they have been inspected.
  • Empty rooms of all items.
  • Vacuum floors and put waste from vacuums in a sealed plastic bag

Preparation for Bed Bug Treatment

  • Place all clothing and linens in large clear plastic bags.
  • Put plastic toys, books, electronics and other paraphernalia in sealed plastic bags and have them inspected.
  • Put all contents form closets drawers and other areas into plastic bags put them in the center of the room.
  • Move furniture 18 inches from walls
  • Remove outlet covers, switch plates and anything else that can be removed from walls.
  • Make sure you can get to all areas of the domicile so that it can be inspected properly and treated.

Rooms should look like you are packed to move with no place for anything to hide.

To get rid of bed bugs you must remove all clutter and clean everything. The Bedroom is top priority, but every room must be cleaned just as well. The clutter doesn’t attract bed bugs but it does give them more places to hide. Bed bugs do infest beds, but they also infest everything else in your home. All items that can create a place to hide under or behind need to be removed. All clothing should be washed at hot settings and placed in the dryer on hot settings for 1 hour. after all clothing has been washed and dried. they must be kept in sealed plastic bags or air-tight containers. You must not place them back into furniture. There is no single item or action that can be taken alone that will completely eliminate bed bugs. Many techniques are required in order to eliminate bed bugs. They are small experts at hiding and can live for a long time without feeding. As previously indicated, the treatments include the following.

Cleaning – Preparation for Treatment

You must clean and prepare your domicile before using our treatment.
Bed bugs die at temperatures above 120 degrees F. Scrubbing all surfaces with a stiff brush followed by thorough vacuuming will remove bed bug eggs. You must be meticulous with your cleaning.

Cleaning and Laundry Tips

  • All clothing, towels and linens in large clear plastic bags.
  • Don’t use cardboard boxes! Bed bugs can lay eggs and hide in them.
  • Place