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Green Science Industries Offers Green DIY Bed Bug Elimination Product That Saves Money

Eliminate bed bugs and other hard-shelled insects without all the harmful chemicals. Our product is a family-safe, DIY spray that gets rid of bed bugs, roaches, fleas, and more. It’s perfect for all sorts of public or commercial spaces; like hotels, locker rooms, schools, motels, and more. To find out more about our products and [...]

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Why Don’t Bed Bugs Die?

Bed Bugs have made a resurgence in recent years due to these irritating pests evolving to withstand the pesticides used to combat them. Researchers have found bedbugs have boosted their natural defenses by producing higher levels of enzymes that cleanse them from the poisons in certain insecticides.  Bedbugs are 250 times more resistant to standard [...]

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Pesticide Toxicity in Synthetic Pyrethroid Pesticides

Pyrethrins were originally processed from Chrysanthemum flowers. In their natural environment in East Africa they broke down rapidly up from exposure to air and sunlight, but in the 1970 synthetic pyrethroids were synthesized for agricultural purposes  from petroleum derivatives, which were later used for home and garden  insect control. So far studies have shown that [...]

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Organophosphate Pesticides Tied To Decreased Lung Function

Low level exposure on an ongoing basis of conventional pesticides has been linked to decreased lung function among children, according to a UC Berkley study. This loss of lung function is said to be equal to what children could experience from second hand smoke in the home.  This information was found in The San Fransisco [...]

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Illnesses Associated with Insecticides Used To Control Bed Bugs

Acute Illnesses were associated with insecticides that were used to control bedbugs. Cimex Lectularis, the common bed bug requires blood from humans or other animals to survive. They are known to cause discomfort due to anxiety and sleeplessness, where there are bed bug infestations in the home. Bed bug infestations are often treated with harmful [...]

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