Green Guardian Eliminator

More Active Ingredients – Most Powerful

Green Guardian Eliminator is 100% non-toxic to humans and all mammals, protecting your family and furry friends from harmful chemicals. Green Guardian Eliminator can be applied directly to furnishings and bedding with out any toxic chemical risks. It is our most potent mixture, offering a higher concentration of active ingredients for aggressive extermination.

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Green Guardian Safeguard

Follow-up Treatment 

The safeguard treatment is intended to be applied after the initial treatment. Green Guardian Safeguard works for up to 12 months after the initial treatment to help kill bugs that enter the treated area. The American Academy of Entomological Science has proven in a 12 month study that this product works at preventing the return of bugs in the treated area. This is the proper mix for most infestations and is economical.

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Green Guardian Maintenance 6

Maintain a Pest Free Environment

Don’t wait for infestation to overtake, work ahead of the pests to prevent infestation for up to 6 months. Green Guardian Maintenance 6 is great for touch-ups after cleaning. Maintenance 6 kills pests that enter the treated area and is 100% non-toxic, has no odor and will not stain. Help keep bed bugs from coming back with Maintenance 6.

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Kill the bugs without harming your family and pets!

From Green Science Industries comes a breakthrough in pest removal technology.

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Want to know more about the Green Science Industries family of pest control products before purchasing? We’ve put together an instructional video to explain how it works. Call us at 855-366-5223!

Kills Bed Bugs and Roaches — Keeps Customers and Families Safe

Green Science Industries products have been specifically formulated to kill bed bugs by dissolving their waxy outer shells within seconds of exposure — without harming humans or pets. They attack and eliminate a variety of insects with hard, waxy shells, including the bed bugs that infest your mattress, carpet, and walls; the cockroaches that scuttle across your floors at night; plus fleas, ticks, ants, centipedes, and silverfish. Our revolutionary bug removal products can be applied directly to bedding and furnishings since they are non-toxic to you, and hotel guests.

Treat Once and Done!

Unlike traditional treatments that require repeated visits from an exterminator, the special science behind Green Science Industries products ensures that one treatment kills the hatched bugs and then attacks and kills any hatchlings left behind, thanks to its built-in residual effects. The safety and effectiveness of Green Science Industries products have been proven in numerous real-life scenarios, while the dangers of traditional pesticides remain a real concern.

Green Science Industries supplies bio-engineered, safe and effective pest control products direct to consumers for commercial and residential use. That’s right: there’s no exterminator’s license necessary to purchase Green Science Industries products, because they are completely safe to apply and use. (25 Exemptions)